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Amazon Is Coming!

Perhaps you’ve heard the news—Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has chosen northern Virginia (specifically the Crystal City neighborhood in Arlington) as the site for one of the two new corporate headquarters for the online retail giant. The move will create 25,000 new jobs, many of which will be filled by people currently living outside the region.

To state the obvious, this move is going to have a profound impact on the local economy in general, and the real estate market in particular. There is no shortage of analysis on how Amazon’s arrival is going to impact the area, but one thing seems pretty clear—housing costs are going to rise as the demand for living space in and around Arlington increases.

Buyers and sellers alike are going to need to reassess this changing market. For buyers, particularly those coming to the DC area from other parts of the country, there will be no shortage of questions. “What can I expect to get for my real estate dollar?” “What methods of transportation will be available to me?” “How far out is too far out?” “What neighborhoods will best suit me and my family?”

Those looking to put a home on the market are also going to have questions to answer. “How much can I expect to get for my property now that Amazon is coming to town?” “When is the best time to put it on the market?” “What about investment properties or renting out my current house?”

For all those questions and more, The Redux Group has your answers. We know Arlington and the surrounding communities well. We live here, work here, and call the area home. Team leader Chris Craddock’s family has deep Arlingtonian roots, going back generations. Chris worked in Crystal City for a decade, and understands the local market.

If you are looking to move to the DMV, give us a call—we would love to introduce you to our hometown and provide you the insight that only a local can offer. (If you’re wanting to look around a bit to see what’s currently available in and around Arlington, you can begin your search here.) If you’re already here and want to find out what options you have with your existing property, we can assist you with that, too. Contact us at (703) 350-2830 to learn how we can help your real estate dreams become reality.

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