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Big News from Redux Realty Team Leader Chris Craddock!



This man is a dynamo!

For the past 3 years, Chris Craddock hasn’t just been building one of the best real estate teams in the DC Metro area … he’s also been a doctoral student! Class after class, paper after paper, he has persistently studied.

For the last year, he has been diligently working on the main proposal and Chapter 1 for his dissertation. This required countless rounds of review by three different advisors. Last week (after a YEAR of writing and edits!), his Chapter 1 passed the review stage, and yesterday he was allowed to submit it and himself to the Integrative Exam — a one hour grilling by a panel.

It is rare for the majority of doctoral students to reach this stage, and many drop out without ever completing their degree.

Well — he passed!!! Chris’ academic advisers approved his dissertation proposal and gave him the green light to complete his dissertation and independent research.

Chris is now considered a “Doctor ABD” (All But Dissertation) in the field of Leadership.  It should come as no surprise to Chris’ clients and friends that he never gave up and his persistence and perseverance won the day!

Make sure you congratulate him when you get the chance!

The Redux Realty Team

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