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Going the Extra Mile

For many real estate agents, the relationship between them and their clients essentially ends once contracts are signed and keys are transferred. Perhaps there will be a Christmas card later in the year, or an email from the realtor several years later reminding the homebuyers that they would be happy to assist them should they ever want to move again, but for the most part, once the original transaction is complete, so is the connection.

But that is not how Redux Realty agent Craig Burns does business.

An ordained minister, Craig knows a little bit about helping those in need. So when he heard that his clients, an older couple with limited mobility, were struggling to move out of their current house by the allotted deadline, he sprang into action.  Calling upon a number of teenagers from his church (and paying them out of his own pocket), Craig was able to provide enough assistance to help his clients not be so overwhelmed.

“It was getting down to crunch time,” Craig says, “and I knew my friends were overwhelmed and needed a loving hand. Fortunately, I was able to find some extra workers who were willing to pitch in and make sure everything got done when it needed to be done.”

The team at Redux Realty believes that our relationship with our clients goes beyond mere business transaction. It is a partnership—one that we hope will continue long after the original sale has been completed. We seek to earn the trust of those with whom we work, and if that means a little extra box packing, so be it.

If you are looking for someone you can trust with your next real estate transaction, give Redux Realty a call. We’d love to go the extra mile for you.

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