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Hosting for the Holidays | Make Your Space Cozy & Inviting

Host for the Holidays

Preparing to host this holiday season? While the holidays can be a glorious time, it can also be stressful when preparing to have extra people in your home. We want to share simple but impactful ways to make your space cozy and inviting in time for the holidays and limit your overall stress. 

Let us first start by saying that your loved ones will love you no matter what your home looks like, so no need to strive for perfection! Remember that the whole point is to gather and be thankful. However, we know that most hosts want to feel confident versus overwhelmed. Stick to these steps, and you are sure to find success!

Start by making sure your guest room and bathroom are ready for any guests who may be spending the night in your home. Tidy up by vacuuming and dusting; put aside extra towels; and maybe put together a toiletries basket you can set out for your guests. Your nephew probably forgot his toothbrush when he was excitedly packing! 

Take full advantage of the calm before the Thanksgiving storm. 

Deep Clean the Kitchen 

Because the bulk of your time will be spent in the kitchen, now is a great time to give it the thorough cleaning it deserves. Maybe you already cleaned out the fridge on National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, so focus now on wiping down the countertops, sweeping and mopping the floor, and deep cleaning your oven and microwave. Double check that your stove, oven, and grill are ready for action. You don’t want something to stop working when you need it most. 

Set the Table Early 

Make Thanksgiving seem effortless by setting the table beforehand. Don’t wait until guests are walking through the door to lay out flatware and utensils. Have everything in place so you don’t feel rushed. A great hack we suggest (thanks to Tiktok) is to label all the serving dishes you will be using the day before the big event, so you have a strategic plan for cooking and don’t dirty extra, unnecessary dishes. 

Maximize the Light 

Not every homeowner is lucky enough to have natural light pouring into their home. If you are someone who experiences dim lighting in your dining room and kitchen, consider adding intentional and aesthetically appealing decor pieces that maximize your light. For example, mirrors are a great addition to brighten up any space because they reflect sunlight throughout a room. Additionally, white or tan minimalistic wall art can soften up the space and make it more inviting. 

Light Up the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, turn it on or light it! Fires make your home instantly more cozy and inviting. Allow your fireplace to become a focal point in your home. Dress the mantle to include seasonal decor. Draw more attention to it by surrounding it with scented candles, fresh flowers, or potted plants. If you do not have a fireplace, use one of our favorite hacks: turn a fireplace video on the television (can be found on Youtube) in the main living room. A glowing fake fire still provides warmth to the atmosphere. 

Choose a Warm Color Palette 

Be mindful of the size of the space you are using to host and the amount of light that comes in when determining the right color palette. While a big bright room can give way to darker décor pieces, if you are working within a darker or smaller space, you want bright warm accent pieces. Not sure what “extra things” to pull in? Consider the table clothes you are using, the candle sticks, the plate ware, and even the curtains. 

Lastly, designate a place for coats and bags. Clutter often makes people feel uncomfortable. If you have a plan in place to put these items, you and your guests are likely to remain relaxed. We highly recommend a closet near the front door or a hidden guest room. 

With these tips, you are sure to be the hostess with the most-est! Cheers.

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