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Staging that Sells | A Guide to Strategically Staging Your Home

Why Should I Stage My Home?

We get it, selling a home can be stressful and staging it might seem like just another thing on your plate. However, when done correctly it can help a home sell for more money in a shorter amount of time.

Staging a home is a strategic marketing tool used by sellers to help buyers imagine themselves living in your home and fall in love with the property. Staging is more than just putting a new welcome mat in front of the door and getting new throw pillows – read on to learn all about strategic staging and find a checklist for staging your home.

Now that you know the Pros & Cons, we want to share four staging secrets!

  1. Make a great first impression. No time or budget to do the entire house? Focus on the entryway and living room. Consider a statement chandelier, a cozy entryway, or a pop of color on the front door.
  2. Clarify each room’s purpose by dividing large rooms into smaller seating areas. Have a space that’s no man’s land? Use furniture and household items you have on hand and give it a purpose (office, craft room, guest bedroom, etc.).
  3. Consider the scale, texture, and tone of each room. Everything should “fit” and be visually appealing. Translation? Get rid of any unnecessary furniture that’s cluttering up the room.
  4. Give attention to your great outdoors. Curb appeal — it’s a thing. Buyers will love seeing new landscaping, clean walkways, and bright lighting.

DIY Staging Checklist

  1. Create a Game Plan
    • Walk through your home, room by room as if you are a buyer and take notes on what needs to be done.
    • Consider having a home inspector come and see if anything needs to be repaired.
    • Have a yard sale and throw out anything you do not need anymore (this will make packing up to move easier, too!)
  2. Consider Repairs
    • Repaint and clean walls. Using light, neutral shades have been shown to be more appealing to potential buyers. In the kitchen paint baseboards, kitchen cabinets, trim, molding.
    • Landscape. Add some color with flowers and shrubs Keep the lawn mowed and remove weeds.
    • Upgrade lighting. Swap out old light bulbs with new brighter bulbs. Add more lamps and accent lighting to brighten up darker rooms.
    • Replace old appliances. When buyers know they don’t need to replace appliances for years, they have a much easier time saying “yes to the address”.
    • Consider renewing floor finishes and replacing old carpets. Flooring is one of the first things a potential buyer will see and can make or break it for them. Cleaning or renewing your floors can result in a great return.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean.
    • Thoroughly clean the entire home, or hire a professional cleaning company to do this.
    • Steam clean carpets, if stained consider replacing carpet.
    • Repair all cracks and holes in walls.
    • Paint all interior walls a neutral color.
    • Remove any excess furniture.
    • Organize closets and remove any clothes not in season to show off the space in closets.
    • De-clutter: stow away any small appliances, knick-knacks, personal items, etc. Remember, less is more!
    • Remove valuable items from home like cash or jewelry.
    • Mop and polish floors.
    • Clean appliances and fixtures.
    • Clean and organize pantry, throw out any old items and show off the storage space.
    • Remove all stains from sinks, toilets, showers/tubs.
    • Stow away your personal soaps, hygiene products, medications, etc.
    • Keep all toilet seat lids closed!

Give some TLC to the kitchens & bathrooms!

Read on for finishes touches & final steps to maintain curb appeal.

Ready to stage & sell your house? Call (571) 383-2970 TODAY for a FREE virtual staging consultation with no obligation to you. We are here to help you with all your real estate needs.

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